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Beluga Siberian Imperial (Limited Edition)

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  • Species: Huso Huso x Acipenser Baerii
  • Age at caviar production: 20+ years old
  • Color: grey brown
  • Size: 3.0+ mm
  • Taste: delicate – buttery

Origin: Italy
Method: Farmed, Malossol method
Shipping: Fedex Overnight delivery

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A special selection of Beluga Siberian caviar wich stands out for the special size and color of its eggs, and for the unexpected organoleptic characteristics. A unique experience, a treat for the most refined palate.

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30gr / Serves 1, 50gr / Serves 1-2, 100gr / Serves 2-4, 250gr / Serves 4-8, 500gr / Serves 8-16, 1000gr / Serves 16-32

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